Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simple Ribbon Flowers

Today I have a really quick and easy ribbon flower tutorial to share with you fabulous ladies!
These flowers are a wonderful way to add a custom personal touch to your pages especially if you can't find that right embellie! And hey - you can use up your scrap ribbon too!!

First what we need:
* Scrap Ribbons - on average my lengths were about 10-12 inches
* Scissors
* Thread
* Needle

Then we simply thread our needle, knotting the end of the thread, and start running a quick basting stitch close the edge of one side of the ribbon!

Once you get the entire length of the ribbon stitched up gently pull the thread until you get a slight gather in the ribbon.

Then begin to wrap your ribbon until you get something that YOU think looks good. This may require you to pull on the thread some more to gather it more or to let out what you have already gathered a bit, it's all about making it look like what you want!

When you get your ribbon flower to look how you want then take your needle and thread and seal the deal I like to just make a few stitches through the middle of the flower to tack it all together just to make sure that it will remain solid!

And now you have the basic of your ribbon flower! All you have left to do is embellish the center and you are good to go! You can embellish it with whatever your heart desires, which is the fun part!!

I absolutely can not wait to see your Ribbon Flowers!


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